Funko launches its new Star Wars figures: The Bad Remittance

Star Wars: The Bad Consignment - We spoke to Dee Bradley Baker, Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett about the new series

Yesterday landed in Disney Plus the new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Consignment. Dave filoni produces the spiritual sequel to The Clone Wars centered on the Clone Force 99, a group of “flawed” clones who are still fit for combat and whose abilities make them unique and ideal for the most dangerous missions. The series takes us to the immediate postwar period of the Clone Wars and the emergence of Galactic empire.

On the occasion of Star wars day (May the Fourth), Funko has taken the opportunity to present its new figures from Star Wars: The Bad Remittance, with all the protagonists turned into the cute big heads.

A few days ago we published an article in which we remembered (or knew) all the members of Clone Force 99, anticipating what we will see in the series. All of them are represented in the form of Funko Pop !.

From here come spoilers for the series. In addition to the original Clone Force 99 quartet (actually a quintet), which includes Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Tech and Echo, Funko has released the figure of Omega, the young woman who joins the team in the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Consignment. We know that Omega is going to be a relevant character during the series, and we assume that his maturity throughout the series will be similar to what we saw in Ezra Bridger or Ahsoka Tano at the time.

What do you think of the figures Funko Pop! from Star Wars: The Bad Consignment?

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