The Diablo saga is strong thanks to three titles that, although they were announced a long time ago, it seems that they are one step closer to their fans. Diablo IV, Diablo II Remaster and Diablo Immortal They are looming on the horizon and from Activision Blizzard they continue to pave the way to sow these three deliveries among the community.

In a call financial, where we have also learned that Blizzard has lost almost 30% of its active players among all its titles in the last 3 years, the director of operations of Activision, Daniel Alegre, was speaking about expectations about Diablo IV and the two new installments in the saga.

Alegre commented that the developer expects these three deliveries “really expand and delight the community and exceed their expectationsAs for Diablo II Resurrected, it “will bring a true gaming classic to the world of modern titles, both through new fans and those who will return and play again.”

Regarding Diablo Immortal, the focus has been refocused on the intention of transfer the essence of the saga to a mobile format. It was also noted that the community has responded to the second phase of testing “quite positively” so far, especially around system design.

On the other hand, Diablo IV is the next major title that Activision believes will “will advance the art of the action RPG genre”. Alegre noted that the company has received positive feedback and progress on the development progress of Diablo IV presented at BlizzConline in February, and that the team continues to “advance through important development milestones.”

And as far as the future goes, Blizzard is developing “an unannounced AAA multiplayer,” according to various job openings.

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