Activision will hire 2,000 developers over the next 2 years to triple its franchise teams

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Activision Blizzard continues to grow, and not only in terms of income from results during the first quarter of 2021, will also do it in person. The publisher and developer has been able to close as of March 31 with some figures of 2.28 billion dollars, surpassing the forecast of 2.02 billion that he expected.

As part of these figures, the video game company has also revealed a bit of its plan around the strategy they will have for this fiscal year and beyond. Remember that we are immersed in the fiscal year 2022, which will run from April 1 to March 31, 2022, so there is still time.

The company has communicated that it is expanding, with the aim of hire 2,000 new developers over the next 2 years. It looks like, Activision It will do this to, in part, triple the size of the team in certain franchises (compared to the one that closed 2019) and its plans are to do so by the end of next year.

Obviously, it is understood that Call of Duty saga is one of these franchises, although in general it is a tactic that should not be surprising. Activision continues to see massive growth, particularly with Call of duty, revenue in the shooter has grown 72% year-on-year and all in large part due to the popularity of Warzone, the sales of Black Ops cold War and Call of Duty Mobile.

Therefore, one could consider the fact that Activision seeks to do the same in the rest of its franchises, free and mobile games.

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For now We will continue to wait for more news about it., although it is very possible that everything will not be more transparent from now on.

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