Activision confirms that Sledgehammer Games is developing the 2021 Call of Duty, “designed for the next gen”

Call of Duty Vanguard is the COD of 2021, made by Sledgehammer and set in World War II (rumor)

Finally, and after rumors, Activision has announced that Sledgehammer Games will develop the Call of Duty of 2021 and will be released in the last quarter of this year. This has become known from the call with investors, where executives of Activision confirmed the development, the company has stated that they are looking to share more information about the “new premium delivery“.

The big news from the call is that Activision has confirmed the study in charge of this new Call of Duty, is the first time they mention a study for the game. On the other hand, they have said that it is “being designed“for next-gen consoles and PCs, but these executives also said that the game”integrate with and enhance the Call of Duty ecosystem“.

In particular, we are very excited about the premium release of Call of Duty 2021. This is being created by Sledgehammer Games, the game is already looking very good and on its way to launch this fall.“, said on the part of Activision Blizzard your chief of operations. Being the Call of Duty 2021 understandably they are targeting a release with similar dates to others.

It’s being built for a next-gen experience with stunning visuals in campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes, designed to integrate with and enhance the COD ecosystem. We can’t wait to share more details with the community, which will be soon.“. For its part, in Sledgehammer Games They seem to have tweeted the confirmation as well.

Rumors said that Sledgehammer Games would return to a WWII stage under the name Call of Duty Vanguard. Its last release was in 2017 with Call of Duty: WWII, but the studio has not had it easy since it lost many members after the departure of its co-founders, although they were remade a bit with 150 new hires in 2020.

Analysis of Call of Duty WWII in World War II

Stay tuned since we are in May, shortly -as they said- there may be unexpected news from Activision Blizzard.

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