You can now have the muscles of Jean-Claude Van Damme at home with these figures

You can now have the muscles of Jean-Claude Van Damme at home with these figures

If we talk about martial arts in the Seventh Art, there are not few names that come to our memory, they know more or less. Names like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan are common in our memory, and of course, Jean Claude Van Damme the Belgian actor who became popular during the last two decades of the 20th century with his action films where he distributed more than Amazon in the Christmas campaign.

Starring in movies like Universal Soldier, Lionheart: The Fighter o Street Fighter: The Last Battle, Jean-Claude Van Damme became one of those actors who did not feel strange in the action films of the time. Good proof of this was his appearance in The mercenaries 2, the refuge of those great glories of action.

Now Sideshow wants to pay tribute to Jean-Claude Van Damme with two new figures that reflect his Hellenic presence, in addition to his love for martial arts, both the Muay tai As the Shotokan, the first style of Karate.

Each of them costs $ 950 separately, and both can be purchased in an ultra-limited edition of 50 and autographed by $ 2,2000. Seeing the level of detail of the figures, we can only wait for Sideshow to get animated and launch a figure of Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing in Kickboxer. Without a doubt, that would be a unique figure for a collection of Jean-Claude Van Damme figures as it should be.

What do you think of the Jean-Claude Van Damme figures presented by Sideshow?

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