World of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade Classic could go on sale June 1, according to a leak

World of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade Classic could go on sale June 1, according to a leak

World of Warcraft is one of the oldest games in history, since 2005 it has managed to gather millions of users on the Activision-Blizzard servers. The star MMORPG is still a success, after the Launch of Shadowlands and the Reinvention of World of Warcraft Classic… but it’s time to travel back to 2007 and remember what The Burning Crusade was.

As you already know, Blizzard will launch a reinvention of the first expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, which already presented its private beta at the end of March. Many players are already enjoying the The Burning Crusade Classic preview, which gives the opportunity to relive what this expansion was at the time for the original game.

According to several screenshots (which are no longer available), the release date for The Burning Crusade Classic is set for next June 1. What’s more, various reports on Reddit and Wowhead indicate that beta users received a message from Blizzard, informing them of this release date for expansion.

We knew The Burning Crusade Classic would be out this year, but we still didn’t know its release date. How quickly these captures were removed can mean two things: or was it a fake and the expansion will not launch on that day, or was it a successful leak that Blizzard itself wanted to cover up… for now. Of course, the normal thing is that its official announcement occurs sooner rather than later.

An important note is that the arrival of The Burning Crusade Classic does not force World of Warcraft Classic players to take this path. Users who want to continue playing the base game will be moved to dedicated servers for WoW Classic, while the rest will delve into the news of this first expansion. Another option is clone your character, and continue playing in both worlds without any problem.

The arrival of The Burning Crusade Classic is good news, because some WoW Classic players say that the community it was deteriorating, due to bot accounts and imbalances between veterans and new players. Many are already preparing for the arrival of the first expansion, which, if nothing goes wrong, it will come out next June 1.

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