The Tamagotchi return … with a Tamagotchi from R2-D2!

The Tamagotchi return ... with a Tamagotchi from R2-D2!

Star Wars Day has left us one last surprise: a Tamagotchi by RD-D2! These virtual pets were very popular in the late 90s, but if you thought they were dead, you are very wrong. Bandai continues to make new versions of the Tamagotchi, and new versions will be out soon. Tamagotchi Pix, with color graphics, social features, touch buttons, mini-games, and even a camera.

But they do not stop at that, because today they have announced a Tamagotchi that will be based on R2-D2. We can take care of a adorable astromech droid and take it with us everywhere, and that is something that makes all Star Wars fans salivate. Unfortunately, we do not know more details, not even images.

When i come out this Tamagotchi from R2-D2, it would not be the first time they do something like this: Tiger Electronics already created its own Tamagotchi clone starring R2-D2. Sure, at that time the Tamagotchi screen had a resolution worthy of a calculator. Today, Bandai’s new Tamagotchi have color graphics, while maintaining the charm of the old days, and their adorable little pixelated monsters.

This Star Wars Day has left us the premiere of a new Disney + series, The Bad Remittance. In addition, Lucasfilm has presented a real lightsaber, and according to an insider, Lucasfilm Games would be preparing new Star Wars games, and one would be exclusive to Xbox.

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We have also reviewed everything we know about the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, one of the most anticipated of the saga, which will be released on Disney + in 2022. And remember that on your consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) you will find many of the Star Wars games on sale, like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Squadrons, Battlefront and some of the retro Star Wars games recently relaunched, like Star Wars Episode I Racer or Star Wars Jedi Academy.

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