The leaks of the trial of Epic vs. Apple: Phil Spencer “never gave up hope” to bring xCloud to other consoles

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The judgment between Epic Games and Apple It only takes two days, but a lot of very interesting documents are emerging both about the activities of Epic Games and those of other companies like Sony and Microsoft. Today, The Verge show us two Emails exchanged between Phil Spencer and Tim Sweeney (CEO of Xbox and Epic, respectively) that reveal interesting details about the preparations for the “war” between Epic and Apple.

These emails date from August 5-7, 2020I mean, a week before the whole thing broke out. The August 13, Apple removed Fortnite from the AppStore after Epic skipped Apple’s payment terms (thus avoiding paying the 30% commission that Apple – also Google – charges all the applications in its store). All that movement was orchestrated by Epic, knowing what they would do at Apple, responded with the campaign #FreeFortnite, with a short that parodied Apple and “challenged the App Store monopoly.”

In these emails, we can see how Sweeney warned Spencer that they were preparing something big, which would be “a extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate the value of consoles and PC in contrast to mobile platforms, and gain new console users“Therefore, I asked Spencer to consider match the elimination of paid online in free to play games with the Fortnite season starting in August.

Mail from Tim Sweeney (Epic) to Phil Spencer (Microsoft)

Spencer replied to Sweeney saying that they did plan to eliminate paid online games in free to play games and wanted to do so by collaborating with Epic, but avoiding making it coincide with the date that Sweeney requested (finally, Xbox Live Gold was no longer mandatory in Xbox free to play games many months later, at the end of April 2021).

Phil Spencer Mail

Phil Spencer’s Response

It’s very interesting to see how Epic Games wanted to move tiles and become a Microsoft ally right before starting his long and costly legal dispute with Epic. In fact, in a second email in response to Spencer, Tim Sweeney says goodbye by anticipating him “that you will enjoy the fireworks“.

Interestingly, despite the fact that Microsoft supported Epic Games symbolically on social media in their crusade against Apple, Fortnite is not included in Xbox Cloud Gaming for reasons similar to those that started your dispute with Apple.

Another very interesting detail from Phil Spencer’s email is that it reveals that Microsoft has always tried to get xCloud to other consoles, even saying that “I haven’t given up yet“Let’s remember that the email date is August 7, 2020. Will they still think the same now? There have been many hints that Microsoft has launched to Nintendo for include Game Pass (run by xCloud, as on mobile) on Nintendo Switch, although apparently it is an option completely ruled out by Nintendo. And xCloud on PS5? It would be something to see!

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The trial of Apple and Epic has just begun, but very important data have already been uncovered such as the amount that Epic pays to offer them for free in the Epic Store, in addition to revealing that Sony is the only company that owns platforms that requires a commission so that games have crossplay.

Fountain: The Verge

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