The Epic Games and Apple trial started with many shouts of “Free Fortnite”

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The trial between Epic Games and Apple about Fortnite officially started yesterday, Monday. Although the judgment is celebrating in person, those attending the meeting participated by microphone and the court made a telephone line available to the public to listen to the proceedings; big mistake, since it gave rise to many voices.

Normally, and when it is the case in these procedures, when putting voices on public lines during calls, all participants are automatically silenced. This was not the case initial during the trial, since for about 20 minutesAny random person who called would yell what they wanted; And that was what happened during all that time.

As reported from The Verge, the result was like a very chaotic call through Discord, with more than 200 participants on the public line. Some of them were yelling “Free Fortnite“or”Please judge, make Fortnite go back to mobile“Others directly put Travis scott, chatted or did advertising your YouTube channels.

The trial was supposed to start at 17:15 Spanish time, but it was delayed several times since you could hear the court clerks attempt to silence participants several times. Finally, at 5:30 p.m., silence fell in the room in preparation for the court to hear the statements of the Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

During this brief – perhaps eternal – period of time, the Fortnite fans and players they were begging for him return of the game by Epic Games to mobiles. The trial will take place over the next several weeks, so we will find out what happens.

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We do not know what will happen to all this legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, although we can assure you that it has been a a somewhat cumbersome way to start the trial.

Fountain: The Verge

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