Sony’s new patent raises a system to help novice PS5 gamers thanks to expert gamers

Pros and cons of PS5 after the first months since its launch

Sony has gone a step further with PS5, giving more options and possibilities to its users. It’s no wonder PlayStation is one of the companies that further pursues innovation, which has been quite clear with numerous patents in recent months. As always, some of these will come through, while others will stay in the trunk forever.

After discovering such surprising patents as the AI ​​that impersonates the player on PS5 or the greater interaction between users through text notes, now Sony returns to emphasize supporting the most novice gamers. There are some pretty tough PS5 games, and it may be necessary for some expert players to be able to help to the less skilled.

This new Sony patent, registered by the portal Patent Scope, raises a new system that can ”connect a player with the help of an expert in real time during the course of a game application on PS5” Logically, this presents an additional challenge for the PlayStation team, and we will not know if it will be carried out.

In other words, this new help system would connect a gamer stuck in a certain video game, with one who is an expert (and who wants to help, of course) so that he would give you advice and support, whether in a single player title or in an online multiplayer game. Sony emphasizes how frustrating it is ”abandon a game because the user cannot find a way forward

It is true that you can already consult videos and guides while we play PS5, or watch tutorials on our mobile, but with this help system everything would be easier. The console interface itself would allow contact an expert player in that title, in order to get ahead in a specific scenario. What’s more, it could also help players with disabilities, or those who are less skilled in a particular genre.

The only question that remains with this Sony patent is how would it be filtered that a player is an expert, as it would not be necessary to complete said title. Perhaps an option would be to filter it based on those PS5 users who have achieved platinum in a specific game, or based on coefficients of hours of play or PSN statistics. The patent it is not clear what the bar would be to measure this variant.

PS5 games compatible with game aid

On PS5 there is already a fairly similar option, although through the PlayStation support team. Games like Astro’s Playroom or Sackboy: A big adventure allow to use the function of PlayStation 5 Game Help, which provides us with small video clips and texts indicating how to achieve a certain goal or how to get a PS5 trophy. Here you can find more information.

Do you think this patent will go ahead? How could be improved the idea? Either way, it may never come true, but it certainly will it’s a more than interesting idea to implement on PS5.

Fountain: IGN

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