Returnal’s latest patch adds an annoying bug that locks doors and makes climbing difficult

Returnal has a major day 1 patch over 10GB

Returnal, the brand new PS5 exclusive, is now on sale in stores. In our analysis we tell you that the roguelike by Housemarque it’s a very satisfying experience on PlayStation 5, thanks to its fiendish combat and haunting atmosphere. Of course, it seems that bugs and errors have started to appear that are weighing on the gaming experience of some users …

Yesterday Housemarque released a new patch for Returnal, which updated the game to version 1.003.001, incorporating playable new features in terms of performance and mobility through the game’s scenarios. But it seems, this patch has caused bugs and errors to appear in the PS5 roguelike, What door locks and crashes when climbing structures.

One of the main problems with Returnal is that, magically, some doors close forever. Players are unable to advance in the adventure, and apparently this has started to happen after the last patch. This is what some users of the official Reddit sub-forum let us know, asking Housemarque for a solution.

I’ve been playing without problems more than 35 hours. I woke up today to patch 1.003.001 and now I can’t play more than 10-15 minutes before it hits me. a bug, which causes the doors not to open and I cannot go to the objects that I am supposed to need to move forward. This patch really ruined my birthday” wrote a user on Reddit.

This Returnal bug causes that, randomly, we cannot advance in the game, because the doors (which open automatically, in case they do not require a key) are locked. Faced with this situation, the only way to solve it is to commit suicide and start again… since the game saved your progress, of course. And precisely the absence of saving game whenever you want is another of the problems of the title.

I haven’t had a single issue since launch and the first run after installing the patch crashes, because the fixed door does not open. Housemarque, you are better than this”, explained another user, who also highlights some problems when it comes to scale structures.

Apparently there are few Players affected by these errors in Returnal. We assume that Housemarque is already preparing a new patch to fix it, which it will release sooner rather than later. Has this error happened to you? We listen to you in the comment box.

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