Returnal suffers from stock problems in some countries due to its good sales via Amazon

PS5 Exclusive Returnal Reveals New Details About Its Gameplay And Haptic Features

Housemarque, creators of Resogun, have been released on PS5 with a title whose personality perfectly reflects the identity of the studio. Returnal has managed to capture a proposal full of action and somewhat different from what we are used to seeing when we talk about an exclusive.

Although Returnal has not attracted the same attention as releases like Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension, the game is reaping a good reception from the players. Sales are accompanying and even Amazon has suffered in terms of available stock.

While we are already used to the lack of stock of PS5 due to the shortage of components and the problems derived from the pandemic, the games have not suffered such problems. However, Amazon itself, in some countries, has accused Returnal’s lack of stock, where third-party dealers raised the price of the game.

The game has not been placed among the best sellers compared to other Sony exclusives, but it has been positioned as the second best-selling game in the United Kingdom and the first in Amazon USA and Canada for a few days. Within Amazon Italy, Germany or Australia, some stock problems have been experienced, with the latter selling the game for $ 131.

We will see the numbers of Retunal with a better perspective in the future, to verify the true impact that the game has had within the new generation console that begins little by little to carbure for this 2021.

Just yesterday, Returnal was updated with a new patch on PS5, which includes certain playable fixes. At the moment, Housemarque “is listening to the community” with the request of a save option to leave the game halfway.

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