Mayim Bialik talks about the reasons that led to the end of the Big Bang Theory

Mayim Bialik talks about the reasons that led to the end of the Big Bang Theory

It was the twelfth season of The Big Bang Theory when its creators announced that the series was heading to its imminent end when said batch of episodes came to an end. They did not take long to explain that the main reason why the series ended was the desire to Jim Parsons to stop interpreting Sheldon Cooper and seek new challenges in your career. By losing a fundamental pillar, the series would be orphaned without Sheldon.

Thus, the sitcom ended its run with the emotional finale of The Big Bang Theory in 2019, saying goodbye to millions of fans who have been following the adventures of this disparate group of geek friends since its inception.

Now, in a recent interview with US Magazine, Mayim bialik, who gave life to Amy farrah fowler, has spoken about the end of the series and the part that in his opinion believes that the public does not know the reasons why the series ended.

According to Bialik, “no one would have been able to play Sheldon Cooper after Jim Parsons.” In addition, the cast of The Big Bang Theory always formed a united front when negotiating with the producers, which is why they all supported Parsons’ decision to take new paths. Since then, we have been able to see Jim Parsons in movies like The Boys in the band or A Kid like Jake, in addition to several television projects in which he has participated.

Do you think The Big Bang Theory could have gone on without Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper?

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