Manages to overcome with only 5 years one of the most difficult PS4 games that few manage to finish

Manages to overcome with only 5 years one of the most difficult PS4 games that few manage to finish

Surely Bloodborne always enters the typical list of the 10 most difficult titles of the past generation, and yet there are many adult players who have not been able to finish it yet, throwing in the towel in the middle of the road due to its difficulty, especially in certain bosses.

But there are people who were born to be a video game player, and at an early age they are already capable of passing a title like Bloodborne without blinking, and the latest example is a five-year-old boy who has amazed everyone.

And it is that Robbie Fox has not wanted to miss the opportunity in a thread on Twitter to let the world know that his five-year-old son, Ezra Fox, has been able to pass Bloodborne in just 21 hours game, which is a milestone in view of the age of the little one and that we are talking about a title aimed at over 18 years.

Regardless of the questionable ethics of letting a five-year-old play a title that does not correspond to him by the recommended age, the truth is that it is a milestone that someone so small has been able to overcome the video game in 21 hours of play, the equivalent of games spread over 3 weeks.

In an interview with goombastomp, many more details have been offered on what Ezra Fox has accomplished and where his father has answered a series of questions. In that interview, his father points out that his son always loved watching him play titles like Sekiro, Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2, and that he constantly asked him if he could also give it a try.

During those 21 hours of play it took Ezra to pass it on, his father clarifies that the only help he received was with some bosses in particular and also telling him where he had to go on the map so that he wouldn’t lose too much time.

His father affirms that he has a very intelligent son, “and that he is able to differentiate what is reality and what is a game”, And therefore does not consider that he is going to have nightmares. It also clarifies that the child was playing Bloodborne with his father present with which he was always supervised.

Finally he affirms that anyone can pass a title like Bloodborne, even if it is really difficult, since what is really needed “it is patience, perseverance and having fun with each of the steps“That they are given in the adventure.

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