League of Legends Arcane to premiere on Netflix this fall

Riot Games League of Legends Arcane Netflix

As they already advanced in their expansion plans for their universe, the League of Legends franchise has already set a date for its landing on television at the hands of Netflix, through the animated series Arcane, which will be released on the content platform internationally in the fall of this year.

Despite the numerous shorts, comics and even music videos, Arcane arrives as the first television series ever created by Riot Games. Set in the universe of its popular game, the story will take place in the utopian region of Piltover and its underground and downtrodden counterpart, Zaun, recounting the origins of two iconic champions (apparently centered on the story of Vi and Jinx) and the rise of a power that will separate them forever, the League of Legends own account having shared the first teaser through Twitter.

Dominique Bazay, director of original animation for Netflix, comments that «League of Legends has inspired a fan phenomenon and has a fervent following around the world, which is why we are excited to be the home of the first series based on this universe, Arcane. Will be a visual spectacle full of emotions, which will have the spectators on the edge of the seat«.

«Arcane was conceived as a love letter to our players and fans, asking for more cinematic experiences focused on League of Legends worlds and champions»Added Shauna Spenley, global president of entertainment for Riot Games.

With this, Riot Games continues to grow its astronomical number of fans in and out of the game even more, with videos that have more than 14,000 million views internationally, a League of Legends World Championship that set several viewing records, and some spectators who consumed a total of more than 1 billion hours of Riot content in 2020, consolidating League of Legends as the most viewed eSport on the planet.

And it is that with only 14 seconds of advance, we have no doubt that Arcane will be a new success.

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