It is revealed how much Epic Games had to pay for each game that has been free in its Store

It is revealed how much Epic Games had to pay for each game that has been free in its Store

Due to legal disputes between Apple and Epic Games, the game developer company has revealed in a document how much it has had to pay developers and publishers for the games. In the stage comprised between December 2018 and September 2019, this document shows the exact price that Epic gave for dozens of games, from AAA to indies.

Every week, as you well know, Epic Games Store offers one or more free games, right now the game is Idle Champions by Forgotten Realms until May 6. Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. they change and since its inception it has been a new way of attracting players and compete against Steam. Of course, everything has a price, and during the trial with Apple everything has been revealed on these dates.

In 2019, Epic gave away 73 games, but the legal document reveals what you paid Epic for including 38 in your store during the first nine months. According to Simon Carless, a historicist, it was “posted earlier by mistake“And the games that can be seen are some indies like Slime Rancher and Oxenfree, but also others like the Batman: Arkham saga and Subnautica.

Specifically, for those two that we have mentioned before, it is appreciated that Epic games paid a total of 1.5 and 1.4 million dollars, respectively; of all, the Batman ones were the most expensive. In total, Epic paid more than $ 11.5 million, but Subnautica led to 613,912 new accounts on the Epic Games Store and Batman: Arkham 804,052 accounts.

However, to the indies the amount was not that high, which has led to criticism by many. Another column shows that Metro: 2033 Redux cost Epic $ 0, but it can be for exclusivity of one year that it was signed.

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Other details revealed were that Fortnite made Epic more than 9 billion in 2019 alone and that the game would have many more skins yet to be announced.

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