GPD Win 3: The Industry’s Most Powerful Handheld Hit the Market

GPD Win 3

GPD Win 3 is a one unique machine designed for mobile gaming that hits the international market after going through Indiegogo crowdfunding. Its characteristics are explained in one line: Imagine a machine the size of a mobile phone, but with state-of-the-art hardware for personal computers and concepts used years ago in handheld computers (handheld).

It is powered by eleventh generation ‘Tiger Lake’ processors, Intel’s most advanced platform manufactured in 10 nm processes, which in addition to increasing process performance has improved the graphics with Xe graphics. It can equip up to 16 Gbytes of DDR4 memory and NVMe SSD for internal storage.

An extraordinary hardware for a machine whose screen size is below even the average on smart phones, 5.5 inch, but that it is longer than these to house the control knobs and more chubby since it hides under the screen a physical keyboard that appears when you slide the screen up in a design reminiscent of the Vaio UX.

The keyboard is backlit, tactile and capacitive, while on the sides are the game controllers with dual vibration motors, L2 and R2 analog buttons, and dual analog sticks that can function as L3 and R3 buttons when pressed down.

GPD Win 3, main features

Screen 5.5-inch touch screen with 720p resolution. Gorilla Glass 5
CPU Intel Tiger Lake up to Core i7-1165G7
GPU Intel Iris Xe (96 eu)
Memory SSD up to 16 GB LPDDR4
Storage NVMe M.2 SSD up to 1Tbyte
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6. Bluetooth 5. 1
Ports Thunderbolt 4 ports. 1 USB 4, 1 HDMI. 3.5 mm audio jack.
Autonomy 1.5 hours. 65W adapter
Game controllers Analog triggers. Dual stick. D-Pad. Keys X, Y, A and B. Dual vibration motor. Capacitive backlit keyboard

Without a doubt impressive this GPD Win 3 focused on mobile gaming, but what can also serve as a personal computer when you’re at the desk thanks to a Thunderbolt 4 port and an optional docking station sold by the Chinese company.

Price and availability GPD Win 3

While early Indiegogo campaign backers were able to pre-order this machine for $ 799, its current price has risen and in a configuration with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, 16GB of LPDDR4x-4266 memory, and a solid state drive. 1TB PCIe NVMe, will be available with prices ranging from 997 dollars from Indiegogo InDemand at $ 1,130 Amazon.

Will have to compete with solutions such as the Aya Neo, another portable console that arrived from China with a seven-inch IPS LCD touch screen and a hardware base with the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor.

Both machines will try to enter the market niche that has driven the Nintendo Switch. They do not have the catalog of Nintendo games, but they do have all the PC ones, in addition to being able to be used for computer tasks. They are not cheap, but they offer an impressive level.

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