Frank Grimes’ fate in The Simpsons is defended by one of his classic screenwriters

Frank Grimes' fate in The Simpsons is defended by one of his classic screenwriters

Throughout its 32 seasons and more than 700 episodes, The Simpsons has had a multitude of lights and shadows. Many of its most iconic episodes date back to the first seasons of the series created by Matt Groening, including the episode we are going to discuss today: Homer’s enemy, the one in which a model employee like Frank grimes came to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and was unhinged by the incompetence of Homer Simpson.

Although he only appeared in (in life) in Homer’s Enemy, Frank Grimes became a classic character among fans of The Simpsons, although the end of the episode was not without criticism for his “dark tone” when recounting the death of Greimito.

After many years, The New Yorker has managed to interview John swartzwelder, one of the iconic screenwriters of the first seasons of The Simpson and responsible for 58 classic episodes of the animated series, and has had his moment to talk about Frank Grimes and his death.

“Greimito was asking for it the whole episode. He didn’t approve of our Homer’s way of being. He was asking for it and he got it.” Although the words of John Swartzwelder can be cruel, certainly Frank Grimes criticizes throughout the episode absolutely all the vital aspects that make Homer what he is. While we can understand his frustration when he had fought through everything in life, his animosity for Homer got quite out of hand.

What do you think of the end of Homer’s Enemy?

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