Flashback 2 is out in 2022: the sci-fi classic returns 30 years later

Flashback 2 is out in 2022: the sci-fi classic returns 30 years later

Flashback, the legendary sci-fi game from 1992, will have a sequel 30 years later. Paul Cuisset, the director of the original game, who signed with the defunct Delphine Software studio, will oversee development of the game, which will be published by Microids. It is unknown which studio is behind Flashback 2.

Flashback 2 is due out in 2022 on consoles (unspecified) and PC, but at the moment no image has been revealed. However, on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC there is a remastering, 2018, also edited by Microids. In Spain, like everything from Microids, it will be edited by Meridiem Games.

Flashback was one of the most notorious releases of 1992, although only the version of Friend. In 1993 came the version of Mega drive, the platform where its development began, although it also had ports in SNES, MS-DOS, Atari Jaguar and later for all formats CD ROM of the time: Sega CD, 3DO, CD-i, Macintish, FM Towns …

Flashback was a game of 2D action and platforming development, with very groundbreaking graphics in its time: hand-drawn backgrounds and animations by rotoscopy, which made them much more fluid than traditional games. All this with a setting very similar to Blade runner and a plot style Total challenge, in which the protagonist Conrad had to recover his memory.

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Paul Cuisset, who signed the original three decades ago (as well as its precedent, Another World) is excited to take back the world of Flashback, once the best-selling French game in history, and received very positive reviews: all the media were enthralled by its futuristic aura, which distinguished it from its competition. It was the cover of Hobby Consolas number 20!

Flashback Hobby Consoles 20

“Developing a Flashback sequel is an idea I’ve had for a long time. I’m looking forward to players finding out the new adventures of Conrad B. Hart, a character created almost 30 years ago. With Microids, our goal is to please fans of the original title while appealing to any gamer with a soft spot for futuristic games. “says Cuisset.

Flashback Analysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch

We are excited to offer fans a sequel to this masterpiece of video game history. At Microids, we grow to offer projects that stand out for their talent. Paul Cuisset is internationally known and we are proud to be working with him and his team on this project“says Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids.

Flashback 2 is due out in 2022 on PC and consoles, but we’ll have to keep waiting for more information.

Source: Meridiem Games

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