Facebook and Instagram: either you allow tracking or you may have to pay

Facebook e Instagram: o permites el seguimiento o quizá tengas que pagar

Just yesterday we were talking about how, at least at first, Facebook and Instagram might not be so affected by the transparency feature of iOS 14.5 application tracking. According to this first study, around 50% of users would have allowed Facebook apps to access the tracking information collected by other apps on the device. And as I said yesterday, although losing 50% is a lot, it falls far short of the between 70% and 80% that I expected. We will have to see more data and larger studies, but it does not seem such a bad data.

However, it is clear that for Facebook and Instagram each request denied in this regard is a loss, and the company seems willing to do anything to get users to accept the tracking … even charge. Or at least that is what we can deduce when we see the messages that the Facebook and Instagram apps are beginning to show to users, as we can see in a tweet Posted by Ashkan Soltani.

In it, we can see the messages that the Facebook and Instagram apps for iOS are showing to some users, and that appears just before the message is displayed asking the user if they consent to access to the tracking data. This is the text of it:

This version of iOS forces us to ask permission to track some data on this device to improve its ads. Find out how we limit the use of this information if you don’t turn on this device setting.

We use information about your activity received from other applications and websites to:

  • Show you more personalized ads.
  • Help keep Facebook / Instagram free.
  • Support companies that depend on ads to reach their customers.

The key point, without a doubt, is the second of the list of reasons, Facebook and Instagram they need you to allow access to tracking data to ensure both services remain free. In case you are wondering (it has happened to me) if the Facebook registration web page continues to show that of “Facebook is free, and it will continue to be”, the answer is no, that message, a classic and that has employed for years to deny the chains that said the service would start charging, it no longer exists.

We can read, at Wccftech, which seems like an answer, by the company, to a question about said message:

«To help people make a more informed decision, we also showcased a screen of our own, alongside Apple’s. It will provide more information on how we use personalized ads, which are compatible with small businesses and maintain free apps. If you accept the prompts from Facebook and Instagram, the ads you see in those apps will not change. If you decline, you will still see ads, but they will be less relevant to you. Accepting these indications does not imply that Facebook collects new types of data. It simply means that we can continue to provide people with better experiences. »

It is clear that Facebook and Instagram are not the only services that cannot access, by default, the tracking data, it represents a certain loss in their current monetization model. However, linking the acceptance of said access to maintaining the free service seems to me tremendously excessive. Does this mean that if we do not accept it, we may have to pay to use them? This is not actually stated, but if access to tracking data is so important for the service to stay free… cadd one that completes the dotted line, to see what drawing comes out.

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