Epic Games Store spent a fortune to give away games: Was it profitable for you?

Epic Games Store gastó una fortuna para regalar juegos: ¿Le resultó rentable? 28

The Epic Games Store continues to maintain its strategy of getting users through the checkbook. As our regular readers will remember, this popular digital game distribution platform has been giving away games for a long time continuously, a measure that has allowed them to greatly increase the number of users.

I know what you are thinking, that growing in number of users is good, and yes, in most cases it is. However, from a more realistic perspective, having a lot of users doesn’t really do you any good. if you are not able to make them profitable, and that is what is happening to the Epic Games Store.

The battle between Apple and Epic Games has led to a very interesting document leak, in which we have been able to discover such important things as the cost that the Epic Games Store had to assume to give away certain games, how many units were activated and what percentage of those users who claimed at least one free game ended up buying something, that is, how many users spent money on that store.

Only 7% of those who claimed free games on the Epic Games Store bought anything

In the leaked documents we can see what had been an open secret, and that is that the Epic Games Store is not able to monetize that huge user base that it has acquired in recent years, a topic that we already had the opportunity to discuss at the time in this article, where we also ask for your opinion.

According to these documents, only 7% of users who claimed at least one free game on the Epic Games Store ended up buying something after it was activated. To give you some perspective, this means that if a million users claimed a free game, only 70,000 users spent any money on the store. Yes, it is a ridiculously low value that confirms that this store is not doing things right.

If you take a look at the attached image, you will be able to see the total cost and the number of activated units of games that the Epic Games Store gave away in its first nine months, until September 2019. I am left with the desire to know how much it cost them to give away GTA V, but the amount of money they spent in total is still impressive: $ 11.6 million. In that period, Batman Arkham Knight was the free game that was activated the most, and also the one that cost the Epic Games Store the most money, since it had to compensate Warner Bros with 1.5 million dollars.

Why don’t people spend money on the Epic Games Store?

I think that is the question that Epic Games should ask itself to begin to “get involved” in what is, in my opinion, a serious problem. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Nothing further, It is not a good sign that your number of users grows by 50% and that revenues barely increase by 2.9%. The numbers speak for themselves, and they show that there is something you are not doing right.

In my case, I must say that I do not like the design or the interface of the Epic Games Store. I also do not like the slowness with which both the downloads and the installation process of the games are managed and produced, and as a platform it is light years away from what Steam offers. To this day, I use the launchers of various platforms because, unfortunately, I have no choice, as some of my games are distributed between different stores, but when buying I give priority to Good Old Games and Steam. I also turn to the Humble Store whenever I can for their charitable approach.

The Epic Games Store has a lot to improve, and a long way to go if it wants to be able to offer a platform at the level of Steam. Obviously it is not going to get it by giving away games, and it is not going to encourage its users to spend more money with it if, the final, is still a mediocre platform.

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