EA sells FIFA 21 cosmetics out of loot boxes for the first time, available for in-game currency

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Electronic Arts has always been at the center of criticism for its loot box policy, which is why games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 were slow to convince the gaming community. On the other hand, with their FIFA saga they have achieved that this practice is normalized, to the point that it is seen as something “normal” to pay real money for items and cosmetics for Ultimate Team, through the so-called FIFA Points.

However, it seems that something is changing at EA, or at least it is a first step. And it is that the creators of FIFA 21 have launched the first cosmetic package that can be obtained without resorting to the criticized loot boxes. Of course, there is still that alternative, but it is possible to unlock these items with in-game coins, which are achieved with victories and completed challenges.

Specifically, and thanks to media such as PC Gamer, we know that it is about a tifo, a theme for the stadium and two kits (home and away), which EA Sports sells separately or as a package. The price of the complete pack is 700 FIFA Points (about $ 6-7). In individual terms, typhus costs 150 points, the stadium theme 200 points and each kit 300 points.

As you already know, to obtain FIFA Points it is necessary to pay real money. Loot boxes consist of that, based on paying for them, we can get points that are exchanged for FIFA Ultimate Team items and cosmetics. However, on this occasion it is possible get them using in-game coins… although at quite exaggerated prices, that is the implicit bad news.

To get these cosmetics without paying real money, you will have to get 11,500 coins for the tifo, 15,000 coins for the stadium theme and 25,000 for each FUT kit. The ” price ” of the complete package is about 60,000 coins , which requires a lot of work and hours of play in FIFA 21.

The controversy around loot boxes has not stopped, far from it. A recent study compared these practices from video game studios to sports betting, a statement with which EA disagrees. For example, the former manager Peter moore indicated that with loot boxes you always get a reward, not like gambling or slot machines.

What do you think? Have you paid real money for any cosmetics from FIFA 21 or from another game? The truth is that, although there is a majority current against them, some players resort to these practices since they cannot spend as much time in video games.

Fountain: PC Gamer

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