Disney’s Snow White film again receives criticism for its “non-consensual kiss” scene

Disney's Snow White film again receives criticism for its "non-consensual kiss" scene

It is very possible that this controversy around Disney does not take you by surprise, since it has already emerged with greater or lesser intensity in the past. The final scene of Snow White, when the Charming prince kisses the young princess to awaken her from the curse of eternal sleep, has long been criticized by those who consider that “a non-consensual kiss is a very serious problem in classic Disney movies.”

The reopening of Disneyland has brought with it the revival of these criticisms by Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine, from SFGate, who have criticized that in the new route of the renovated attraction Snow White’s Enchanted Wish (formerly Snow White’s Scary Adventure) will include the final scene from the 1939 Snow White film.

“It is not right to teach children to kiss the other party when they have not given their approval, and if they are asleep they have not given it.” Certainly, if Tremaine and Dowd read the original stories inspired by Snow White and other Disney classics, their heads would explode, since a consensual kiss would be the lesser of evils.

Controversies around Disney properties are nothing new, especially considering that the House of the Mouse ends up modifying its contents many times to adapt it to the times, for better and for worse. Along these lines, we have seen how dubbing actors from The Simpsons were changed or how some Disney Plus films were censored in some aspects.

What do you think of the persistent controversy surrounding Snow White and her final scene?

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