Disney prepares a lightsaber for the future Star Wars hotel

Disney prepara un sable láser para el futuro hotel de Star Wars

Is there a better day than today to talk about a lightsaber? I think not and it is that, in case you do not know, for some years now May 4 is Star Wars Day. Why? By phonetic similarity. The phrase that, in its translated version, we all remember as “May the force be with you” was “May the force be with you.” And for its part, May 4 in English is “May the fourth.” Try to pronounce May the force and may the fourth in succession. Well, thanks to that coincidence, every May 4 is the time to celebrate one of the most iconic sagas in cinema.

And this year Disney, the owner of Lucasfilms for years, has decided to play with the emotions of the warsies, showing us (in a very brief way, yes) one of the surprises that will be waiting for us from sometime in 2022 in Orlando, Florida, a surprise that, by itself, would already justify the trip to Disney World (well, Walt Disney World Resort), and what you can see in this video that they have posted on YouTube.

In it, we can see what it looks like a reproduction of a lightsaber that, unlike those marketed so far, in which there is a fixed element that lights up when turned on, it does reproduce the spectacular effect with which this weapon has dazzled many of us since 1977. I speak, of course, of see how the edge progressively unfolds, accompanied by its sound, probably as iconic and recognizable as the lightsaber itself.

From what we can see in the few seconds of the video, appears to be blue, which invites us to think that it is a reproduction of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back. Many people often remember Luke with a green lightsaber, but it is because they forget that this is his weapon in Episode 6, Return of the Jedi, after losing the blue saber in the confrontation with Dart Vader in which he also lost his hand … but a father won.


We know practically nothing about the lightsaber, only that We will find it in the hotel dedicated to Star Wars that is being built in Disney World (They claim it will be one of the most expensive at the Disney resort) which is scheduled to open next year. We do not know if it can only be used in the establishment or, on the contrary, it will be possible to acquire one. And of course, in that case, what will the price be, although in this regard we can be very clear that it will not be a cheap toy.

And is that if a fixed structure lightsaber can easily exceed 200 euros, it is not necessary to make a great effort to imagine that, if finally marketed, one of these replicas that emulate the deployment, unlikely to have a triple digit price (more decimals, of course). And although it is likely that it will take us to know more about this device, I am afraid that many of us will keep it in mind for quite some time.

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