David Prowse’s personal Star Wars collection and other items have been auctioned for a good cause

David Prowse's personal Star Wars collection and other items have been auctioned for a good cause

Today is the World Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), a day of celebration for Star Wars fans around the world in which they show their love for the saga created by George Lucas in 1977 and that, among other things, left us one of the most iconic movie villains, Darth vader. Although the voice we heard in the original trilogy was that of James earl jones, Darth Vader’s body was personified by David prowse.

This is the first Star Wars Day that Prowse will not enjoy in his lifetime, although he will undoubtedly do so wherever the Force has taken him. The actor died in 2020 after a brief illness, although he battled Alzheimer’s for the past decade.

It seems fitting that it is May 4 when the auction for David Prowse’s collection of personal items that has been collecting for years ends. The BBC reported that the items offered for sale at the auction would contribute to a charitable cause.

David Prowse’s wife, Norma, insisted that her wish was for the vast majority of items classified for auction, including the original Empire Strikes Back rehearsal scripts and messages she shared with the other members of the Star Wars cast, were sold for the benefit of Alzheimer’s Research UK. The auction ends today, with some non-Star Wars related items, such as the Green Cross Code Man, the road safety character that Prowse brought to life in the 70s.

David Prowse may no longer be with us, but his legacy and his presence in the Force will remain with us, forever.

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