An Outriders bug is’ ‘breaking’ ‘players’ armor … but it’s easy to fix

An Outriders bug is' 'breaking' 'players' armor ... but it's easy to fix

Outriders is one of the Most played titles online on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia, thanks to its cooperative proposal and its variety of game modes. Despite the good reception that the title of People Can Fly has left, some bugs are emerging that weigh down the gaming experience … and we are not talking about the bug that empties your inventory.

Apparently, the recent Outriders patch completely fixed the bug that erased the player’s inventory, but some users report that it continues to occur. In addition, after applying version 1.07, another annoying error has appeared, which ” breaks’ ‘players’ armor on Expeditions.

You may have noticed that your character take more damage than usual in Expeditions, and that it is weaker than before against enemy attacks. The reason lies in this bug, which without prior notice disable your armor’s defense modifiers, causing you to lose all the advantages that said equipment gave you. But don’t worry … it has a solution.

Although People Can Fly has yet to comment on the matter, a Reddit user, Thorkle13, has discovered a way to fix this bug (so far it has been tested on the PC version). And it’s very simple: basically, consists of unequipping the armor before starting the Expedition, and putting it back on. This has been shown to make defense modifications become active again, improving the gaming experience.

At the moment it has not been identified the reason for this bug. Some members of the Outriders community suggest that it is a bug that affects all armor in the game, while others point to a local flaw in defense modifiers. We assume that soon People Can Fly will provide a solution through a new patch.

Interestingly, it is not the first time that the old motto ”turn off and on again” works with a bug in Outriders. In the first weeks of the game, it appeared a bug that made the HUD disappear, but a simple restart of the game solved the situation. We are awaiting a response from People Can Fly.

Fountain: PC Gamer

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