Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be celebrated during the month of June

Amazon Prime Day

One of the most anticipated days of the year for buyers, it is undoubtedly Amazon Prime Day, which despite what its name implies, includes up to 48 hours in which the online store reduces thousands of its products at unbeatable prices. However, last year we saw how Amazon was forced to change the date of its sales event until autumn, generating new doubts about the possible date of this year, with rumors that danced dates between the months of July and October .

However, the latest presentation of Amazon’s quarterly results has advanced us, officially but not specifically, the date of celebration of Amazon Prime Day 2021, confirming that it will take place before the end of the second quarter, or what is the same, before the end of June.1

With a new date change with respect to previous years, if as we said for the moment an exact date has not been sharedIt is worth noting that the celebration of Father’s Day in America is still pending, next Sunday, June 20. And is that Amazon could be considering both before and after dates, choosing as in previous years the dates in the middle of the month with which it could also boost sales prior to this day; or wait until the end of the month to try to generate two different purchasing events.

What to expect on Amazon Prime Day 2021

As always, we can find a huge amount of discounts on a variety of the most complete products, highlighting these many temporary discounts and some flash offers that will only be available for a few hours (in addition to under a limited number of units).

On the other hand, what we can anticipate with total security is that we can find original Amazon products under great offers that will go from their line of Amazon Echo smart displays and speakers, the Kindle ebook, System of television and streaming Fire TV, products of Security & Smart Home Ring, or the eero network routers and extenders, among others.

So, we recommend that you keep it at hand the official page of Amazon Prime Day, where we will soon see the official date updated, and through which we can quickly access all the offers when this sale event starts.

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