Valorant came to the fore a few months ago with the clear idea of ​​becoming a highly competitive game. Riot Games put the character of League of Legends in its free shooter and this generates positive and negative things. The bad part is that, in the face of such a game-oriented and competition-oriented personality, this can lead to a very toxic environment favored by many players.

Fighting bullying, machismo and other toxic behaviors seems to be Riot Games’ priority for Valorant, but a powerful ally of all these behaviors emerges, voice chat. Valorant has a voice chat, which enhances that toxicity as there is a clear way of communication.

Thus, Riot Games has updated its privacy policies notifying that voice chat conversations will be recorded in Valorant. We know that disruptive behavior when using our voice chat is a concern for many players, and we are committed to addressing it more effectively, the company explained.

In order for us to take action against players who use voice communications to harass others, use hate speech, or otherwise disrupt their experience, we need to know what those players are saying. So in the future, we will need the ability to analyze voice data.

However, this has generated concern on the part of some players, since your privacy may be compromised by recording your conversations. In reference to this, it could be known that Riot will only listen to conversations if there are reports of reports and these will only be stored for a period of time.

Testing of this feature will begin in North America and could be extended to the rest of the world. In her fight for inclusion, Valorant announced an initiative to encourage more women and diverse minorities to enter the competition.