Twitter Spaces already reaches more users and plans paid talks

Twitter Spaces ya llega a más usuarios y planea charlas de pago

I know I usually mention it from time to time, but it is very true: I miss the origins of Twitter. I remember the days when the only communication tool it offered was 140 character messages. It was a truly revolutionary model, which forced us to synthesize as much as possible, to be tremendously concise and to leave out all the straw. There was no filler, everything was pure content, even if it was shallow.

The images and videos, the messages twice the size, the threads … the evolution of Twitter has made it shed its main essence, and today it looks much more like the forums of yesteryear. what could have been imagined only 10 years ago (remember that Jack Dorsey’s social network is 15 years old, just over a month ago). The last thing is that they would be preparing the reactions to tweets using emojis … yes, something similar to the reactions of Facebook.

It is inevitable, of course, that the service evolves, this is not a criticism, and also do it with an eye on the latest trends in social networks. Something that takes us to Twitter Spaces, the response of this service to Clubhouse, and that is also being replicated within other services, such as Instagram or Telegram. All while the Clubhouse itself seems to have certain problems in relation to the security of the service, more specifically with the privacy of its users.

And today we know, for a tweet on the official Spaces account, which Twitter is expanding the reach of Spaces, allowing accounts with more than 600 followers to already organize voice meetings of this type. «Based on what we’ve learned, these accounts are likely to have a good hosting experience due to their existing audience. Before bringing the ability to create a Space to the whole world, we focused on a few things«.

In addition, and this is even more interesting, the company has considered an interesting monetization model (one of Twitter’s weak points), pallowing the hosts of Spaces meetings to charge for access to them, also leaving under their control both the price for access to the rooms and the number of tickets available for the meeting. Twitter affirms that the hosts will obtain the majority of the income from the tickets, without clarifying the distribution between the parties, but making it clear that they will also participate in the economic benefits of the same.

It’s hard not to see a certain relationship between this model and the recent announcements by Spotify and Apple so podcast creators can monetize them. After a few years in which it seemed that video was the king of the party, the various formats based on audio seem to have returned with great force, and the possibility of directly monetizing them, aims to create a new niche of creators. An immediate future of the most interesting.

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