This mechanical gaming keyboard costs only 29.99 euros and has RGB lights, anti-ghosting keys and is waterproof

This mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the cheapest on Amazon: RGB lights and Anti-Ghosting keys for 32.99 euros

Mechanical keyboards are preferred by gamers. So, most gaming keyboards are mechanical and not membrane, although there are options for all tastes; But what can match the feel and sound of the keys ringing in time with your movements?

The thing is that gaming peripherals, many times, go on a budget, although there are offers with which you can get gaming mice and keyboards at a great price. An example of this is this AUKEY mechanical gaming keyboard, that can be yours for only 29.99 euros on Amazon.

The original price of this keyboard is 49.99 euros, which is not bad either, but with this 33% discount it can be yours for 29.99 euros, so you save 15 euros that you can use to complete your gaming setup.

As for the keyboard, it is a mechanical keyboard with six-color LED backlight, so you can choose a lighting effect that suits what you are looking for. Each line has a specific color and has eight pre-set lighting effects and two assignable effects slots.

Their switches are Outemu Blue tactile and audible, with a very satisfying key travel and instant response. Its 105 keys are anti-ghosting, so the keyboard won’t invent commands that you haven’t entered.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to press several keys at the same time and for the keyboard to enter exactly all the characters or commands of that combination.

What’s more, it is a waterproof keyboard, so it is protected from possible liquid spills. Its top panel is robust, made of steel to ensure stability and durability, and it has multimedia controls with which you can quickly execute commands.

An excellent keyboard for your gaming setup that you can buy for only 29.99 euros. Also, if you open a free account at Amazon prime or Prime StudentYou will receive it tomorrow at no additional cost and you will be able to take advantage of Prime and Student benefits totally free for one or three months, respectively.

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