This is the best position to play and win FIFA 21 according to science

This is the best position to play and win FIFA 21 according to science

Sure you have enjoyed hundreds and hundreds of FIFA 21 matches, with some satisfying results and some humiliating losses, but perhaps what you have never observed is the perfect ideal posture that you use unconsciously to achieve the best results, and now it is science reveals it to you.

Now a joint research project between mobile game application Stakester and the University of Leeds has shown that leaning forward gives you greater chances of victory, but as long as that posture is not abused.

A survey of 10,000 players found that nearly 80% admitted leaning forward during stressful moments to FIFA 21.

Leaning forward will help improve focus and concentration, but without proper posture, especially of the trunk and neck muscles, it can cause fatigue.”, Says the doctor Andrea Utley, from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Leeds.

Of the nearly 8,000 users who had confessed to leaning forward to play FIFA 21, 49.2% were found to do so naturally, 9.3% did so deliberately, and 41.5% found they did. more things.

To try to get clearer results, the research team recruited 10 FIFA 21 players, having them play an average of 8 to 10 hours a week, and asked them to record themselves while playing a total of five games online.

We analyze the movement and position of the body of each player in the videos. We observed all the important events that occurred in the game, how the players reacted and the position of their body when each of the events occurred”, Dictates the study.

In conclusion, after 50 matches, they noted that those who leaned forward during matches scored 110 goals, more than double the 52 scored by players who did not lean forward.

Not only did this stance improve offensive play, but also the defensive. Those who did not lean conceded 70 goals compared to 56 goals for those who leaned forward on defensive duties.

Of course, it is not advisable to abuse this position, since research has revealed that the longer a user leans forward, the faster their performance decreases.

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