The best Returnal weapons: tier list with the weapons that should not be missing in your arsenal

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In Returnal, things are not going to be easy at all, and having to start over every time you suffer an elimination, and it is clear that previously knowing which are the most powerful weapons for each of the situations, already gives us certain advantages.

Although all the weapons are not accessible from the beginning of the game, something quite obvious, being clear about which are the most powerful, you will know how to give them the appropriate preference according to the moment you are.

In this list of best weapons for Returnal we are going to organize them according to the level to which they belong, and also with a brief description of what they do.

The best Returnal weapons: tier list with the weapons that should not be missing in your arsenal

Tier C

These weapons are not highly recommended, but if there is nothing else you should use them.

Modified SD-M8 handgun

It is a lifelong pistol, with which you will start each game.

It can get you out of trouble, but as soon as you get another you will not use it again.


It is a crossbow type weapon that deals a lot of damage and is not easy to use. Although it has a slow rate of fire, if you handle it well it could cause damage to several enemies at the same time.


It is a weapon with an extremely fast firing, but with a very weak damage. Works great against weak enemies, and little else.

Tier B

They are not very prominent either, but your first option if you have any of the above.

Tachomatic carbine

Another of the initial weapons that you will have during your first minutes, with a fast and automatic rate of fire.

Rotgland Lobber

Slow firing but it deals a lot of damage, and in addition to hitting the enemy, it also leaves a pool of acid that can deal additional damage.

Spiral Spine Crusher

It’s going to take a while to find it, and it has a slow rate of fire, but it’s also capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once with all of its powerful projectiles.

Tier A

One of the most recommended that you will find in the game, and always an option that will not fail.

Electropylon conductor

It fires high voltage that connects with a deadly red beam. It will take a long time to learn to handle it perfectly, and it helps you to adopt a more defensive style of play.


It is one of the best weapons that you will find at the beginning of the games, it resembles a shotgun. Deals a great deal of damage up close, which can be dangerous at first.

Tier S

Returnal PS5

Quite simply, the best weapons in the entire game.

Thermogenic launcher

It is an explosive weapon that deals a massive amount of damage, and on top of it additional damage as well. Of course, although it has a slow rate of fire, it compensates for all the damage it is capable of offering.


Launch explosive rounds that deal massive amounts of damage with a slow rate of fire. It’s the most damaging weapon in the entire game, so you’ll be using it during the final bars.

Now you know what are the best weapons for Returnal ordered from the basics to the essentials.

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