So you can play the Resident Evil Village demo on PC without the 60 minute time limit

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PC gamers who have been with the Resident Evil Village demo for a while, in addition to working their skills with the game, have been busy with something else. And they have found a way to spend a little more time playing after the 60 minutes that Capcom offers you as limit.

In the demo, just released on the rest of the consoles after its time exclusive on PlayStation, it can only be played for 1 hour, regardless of progress. However, it seems that this time is not the limit, as it can be extended by doing a time reset. Confirmed in the game section at Steam, user Leaves says the following:

  • Disable Steam Cloud for the Resident Evil Village demo.
  • Download Steam SAM (Steam Archievement Manager).
  • Delete local files (D: Steam userdata 1541780 remote win64_save).
  • Start Steam SAM.
  • Select the demo.
  • Delete achievements and stats and confirm.

Do it in your started and advanced games of the demo, and when you go back in the time will be again complete. This, understandably, will not give more content, just more time to explore the game. Remember that the game will go on sale this week, specifically next Friday, May 7.

Of course, for those who do not buy the starting game if not a little later, the demo will continue to be available until this Sunday, May 9, two days after the official launch. This means that you can switch from the demo to the game without cuts.

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Fountain: Steam (Thanks, GamesRadar +PC Gamer)

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