Skyrim’s grandmother is already a partner in the game thanks to a worked mod

Skyrim's grandmother is already a partner in the game thanks to a worked mod

Skyrim players are in luck and one of their favorite heroines is already one more character in the game. We are not talking about the Layers of the Storm, or any famous character from the world of The Elder Scrolls, but about Shirley Curry, the gamer grandmother who rose to fame thanks to her videos playing games Skyrim.

Shirley Curry is now one more character in Skyrim thanks to the mod Shirley – A Skyrim Follower, which is already available in Nexus Mods for Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR and also via for PC and Xbox.

The description of the mod reads as follows: Shirley Curry, Skyrim’s beloved grandmother, is finally coming into the game as a supporter you can recruit! She will join you on your adventures, but don’t expect her to just carry your items! He has more personality than all the fans of the game put together, and we are sure that she will be a great companion and friend. And a grandmother!

The mod not only allows you to count on their help, but alsoAdd a special mission to recruit her. To find her you will have to go northeast of Carrera Blanca, in some mountains, where she has a small hut. The grandmother carries a greatsword and a bow for ranged attacks. Although the best thing is that Shirley herself has voiced her character in the mod.

Shirley was delighted when we introduced her to this idea, and she not only gave us her blessing, but she also offered her voice, to give it the genuine authenticity this mod deserves! can be read in mod. That’s right, you’ll hear Shirley’s real voice in the game as she travels with you!

And speaking of mods, did you know that The Forgotten City, the acclaimed Skyrim mod, will be released by Tesura Games on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S?

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