Resident Evil Village would not have been released on PS4 and Xbox One “if the quality had not been enough”

Resident Evil Village would not have been released on PS4 and Xbox One "if the quality had not been enough"

When Resident Evil Village was unveiled in 2020, Capcom advertised it as exclusive to Xbox Series X / S and PS5, but after many rumors and speculation, in the end it was not like that. The new numbered installment of the saga is also Releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, in this way its premiere will be in a generalized way in consoles, PC and Stadia. But,the title will go well on those consoles?

By putting this on the table during an interview with, its producer Tsuyoshi kanda reiterated the fact of designing Village with next-gen in mind. Capcom only chose to post it on Xbox One and PS4 because they were satisfied with the quality level to which they arrived on said consoles, they would not have done otherwise.

We have developed Village as a game for next-gen consoles, but to make it more accessible to gamers, we went through a lot of trial and error to give a comparable experience on previous consoles“Kanda said.”In the end, we were able to offer a high-quality product on those consoles and yet, if that quality had been insufficient, I don’t think we would have launched it.“.

Morimasa Sato, director of Resident Evil Village and also present in the interview, he then added: “If there had been a big difference in terms of graphic quality or frame rate, we would not have been able to give it to the players, so we did our best to ensure it would be a satisfactory product on any platform“.

Resident Evil Village is less than a week from its launch, there is less and less to get into the new installment of Capcom next May 7.

Resident Evil Village has an official puppet show with Dimitrescu and the rest of the enemies and it’s lovely!

¿Excited to play it on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, or Stadia?

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