Rare Call of Duty Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons in weapon drops

Rare Call of Duty Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons in weapon drops

Call of Duty Warzone is a game with lots of possibilities, but thanks to its bugs, these are easily tripled. The Activision title has a questionable reputation for glitches, exploits, glitches, and other types of bugs. However, despite the correction of many of these bugs, there are always more that appear over time.

The last one recorded since Verdansk makes any player and also his companions can supply themselves with weapons galore. A strange bug is causing the essential weapon deliveries that bring so many benefits, to give even more weapons than usual.

As many of you know, weapons deliveries They allow the player to get their personalized class in Call of Duty Warzone, providing their primary weapon, secondary weapon, equipment and advantages to configure an ideal class for battle royale. Unfortunately or fortunately, these deliveries now allow you to get eight weapons.

Each weapon, primary and secondary, quadruple their ratio and the delivery of supplies grants four weapons of each type. This may seem like a good thing for players who are used to playing squads, but there is an added problem. Once the Weapon Drop is used, it will disappear for the rest of the team.

The reason why this bug occurs is unknown, but as reported on Reddit, there have already been several players who have reported the bug. We leave you with a video that exemplifies it perfectly.

It was recently known that the creators of Crash 4, Toys for Bob, confirm layoffs and a new role: they are now the support studio for Call of Duty Warzone Season 3. As for other news, Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 will receive a system fast travel called Red Doors coming soon, according to various reports.

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