PlayStation and Discord announce an agreement to integrate their services from 2022

PlayStation and Discord announce an agreement to integrate their services from 2022

Sony and Discord announce new alliance, with the aim of integrating the popular communication platform to the PlayStation ecosystem. The two companies announced the deal just days after rumors about a possible sale of Discord to Microsoft. Instead, Discord will remain independent, though Sony Interactive Entertainment has bought a minority stake in the start-up, without revealing the amount or percentage.

In the statement signed by Jim ryan, CEO of SIE, explain that by the beginning of next year Discord will be integrated into the online systems of the PlayStation Network, both on the console and in the PlayStation mobile app. They have not given details, but it should be greater than the current integration between Discord and Xbox Live, which allows you to see who of your friends is playing through Discord, but you cannot communicate with them.

Discord is used by 140 million users every month all over the world, and it is especially popular with gamers as video and voice chat.

Ryan explains that from his first conversations with Discord co-founders Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, he was inspired by his love of video games and the shared passion between the two teams to create communities and make it easy for players and friends to share experiences together.

Discord, based in San Francisco and launched in 2015, doubled its financial value by $ 7 billion, after a year in which communication services such as Discord, Skype or Zoom skyrocketed their consumption due to the pandemic. When a few weeks ago we learned that they rejected Microsoft’s offer (which already owns the rival service Skype), already anticipated that the start-up would go public. SIE will be one of its shareholders.

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