Neil Gaiman, Chuck Wendig and more authors join forces to make Disney pay their franchise royalties

Neil Gaiman, Chuck Wendig and more authors join forces to make Disney pay their franchise royalties

Last year a controversy arose in The House of the Mouse, since several authors of the Star Wars novels (and other franchises) denounced that Disney was not paying royalties corresponding to the sales of their novels.

The situation had been going on for years, since Alan Dean Foster claimed that he had not received these payments since 2012, when Disney took control of Lucasfilm and the entire franchise. After much legal battle, it seems that the matter is finally being resolved, but now more authors are claiming their own payments as they find themselves in a similar situation.

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Echoing this situation, several authors including Neil Gaiman, Chuch Wending or Mary Robinette Kowal They have teamed up with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association of America and other similar guilds to create the “Disney Must Pay Command,” named for the Twitter hashtag that went viral in support of Foster.

The association claims that although the specific case of Foster is being resolved satisfactorily, a good number of novel and comic book writers license such as Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien, or even Spider-man They have confirmed that they are not receiving contractual payments for their work. All of them have not received their royalties for years and believe that Disney would have canceled the contracts that were signed before the company acquired certain franchises. Negotiations are also at a standstill and Disney would not be cooperating to comply with official contracts.

Specifically, the association cites the case of a screenwriter who wrote several comics of Buffy for Dark Horse beginning in 1998. Since their contract was signed, the comics became the property of Boom Studios when Disney acquired Fox. “When this writer contacted Boom Studios about the non-payment of their royalties, they told him as an explanation that the royalties are not transferred. “

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