Microsoft Edge will also prioritize HTTPS pages

Edge Chromium incrementará la periodicidad de sus actualizaciones

Microsoft’s browser, Edge for Friends, joins the trend of prioritizing those pages that use the secure HTTPS protocol, as others such as Brave, Firefox and more recently Chrome have done before.

Or rather, what Microsoft Edge will do is prioritize connection over HTTPS in those pages that offer the possibility, but also have an unencrypted version in HTTP. In other words, what the browser will do is, if it accesses a site through HTTP that has HTTPS implemented, it will automatically redirect to the latter.

The “invention” (automatic redirection) as we have pointed out is nothing new and, in fact, it made sense years ago, when there were still many websites that did not even offer an encrypted connection. Today they are the least, at least, worth the redundancy, as far as serious sites are concerned, largely due to the pressure exerted by Google, whose search engine penalizes unencrypted connections; And even among those who still maintain HTPP, redirection to HTTPS is usually automatic at the site itself.

But it seems that automatic redirection to HTTPS has become fashionable and after Firefox and Chrome, it is Microsoft Edge’s turn. From the “big” browsers Opera and Vivaldi are missing in taking the step. Before the trend that is raging, the pioneers were Tor Bowser and already in the most mainstream, Brave, which used the complement developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation HTTPS Everywhere, which did have its interest years ago.

In any case, Microsoft Edge joins the club of pro-HTTPS and from the release of version 92, scheduled for sometime next July – the novelty has just been activated in the development version – will implement the function by default in its stable branch.

Do you use a browser based on Chromium like Opera, Vivaldi or another that does not yet have the feature of yore and would you like to have it? As easy as install HTTPS Everywhere, available on the Chrome Store and very well updated. Also still available in the firefox add-on storeYes, and it is really popular, especially among those who use Mozilla’s extended support version of the browser, Firefox ESR.

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