Limited Run Games will start editing games for Xbox consoles

Limited Run Games will start editing games for Xbox consoles

Limited Run Games is one of the most important publishers in the industry, because they are responsible for launching games in physical format that, if it were not for them, would never see the light of day in this way. A clear example is DOOM Classics Collection (which also belongs to Bethesda, and therefore to Microsoft). But…why Limited Run publishes games on PS4 and Switch, and not Xbox? Those responsible have ruled on this.

On the podcast Xbox Expansion Pass, presenter Luke Lohr interviewed several officials at Limited Run Games. Specific, Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst stated that they take the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S community into account, despite the fact that they don’t usually launch their games on these consoles, and yes in the competition.

Specifically, those responsible for Limited Run Games stated that it makes no sense not to have released physical games on Xbox, since on other occasions they have collaborated with Microsoft studies, such as Double Fine. In addition, they are very attentive to the preferences of the Xbox community, which ”are different from PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Xbox is interesting and we have been trying to access those platforms for years. Are officially Xbox partners now” On the other hand, Josh Fairhurst himself explains that he had a conversation with Phil Spencer at a party, and that the Xbox director shared the vision of Limited Run Games in this matter.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Limited Run doesn’t usually edit its games on Xbox is the proportion of sales in physical format. Microsoft is the great champion of the digital format, with services such as Xbox Game Pass, and it is the main platform with the lowest% of sales in physical format (in Spain), compared to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

This theme has been revived after the launch of DOOM: Classics Collection, a compilation by Limited Run Games that brings together the classic games of the Bethesda saga for PS4 and Switch, which mysteriously has not seen the light for Xbox consoles…being Bethesda one of Microsoft’s studios. However, Limited Run promises to change this for the future, by publishing their games on these platforms.

DOOM Limited Run Games

We work with Bethesda all the time and Microsoft just bought Bethesda. It’s really weird that the Doom releases we’ve made aren’t on Xbox. It does not make any sense. We work with Double Fine quite frequently. We released some of their games. So not having them as physical Xbox releases is weird because they are now part of the company. So i think one of our big initial initiatives on Xbox will be to fix those things

Drawing conclusions, it seems that Limited Run Games will begin publishing some of its games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. One of the latest titles released in physical format for Switch is Star Wars Republic Commando, Aspyr’s game that is also available on the PS Store and Nintendo eShop.

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