Galaxy Z Fold3 will have S Pen and camera under the screen

Galaxy Z Fold3

Galaxy Z Fold3 will be the new edition of Samsung’s folding smartphone and the leaks that continue to reach the Internet rank it as the most advanced on the market.

Although the top-of-the-range Galaxy S21 5G are selling at a good pace, keeping Samsung at the forefront of a market that rose again strongly in the first quarter, the company believes that the new form factors based on flexible display technologies / folding is the best way to bring innovation to a smart mobile industry where seems to be -almost- everything invented. And with it continue to encourage sales.

Galaxy Z Fold3, the most advanced smartphones

The new version will follow the path of the original model in concept and design. A hybrid halfway between smartphone and tablet with a book-like design where its two internal and external screens will shine as main components.

The section of the resistance and robustness they will be reinforced again with a new ‘armor’, on the hinge and on the screen cover mainly, while the Gorilla Glass Victus technology will act on the outside for greater durability and will be combined with water and dust resistance for the first time in the series on a chassis that will have aluminum as the main material.

It will also be the first foldable smartphone with the front camera under the screen and we hope it will materialize with a better implementation of what we have seen so far as the problem of the ZTE Axon 20 5G. Here it will be the most difficult still when using it on a flexible screen. The prize is big, freeing the terminal of holes in the screen for a better use of its entire surface and winning in the aesthetic aspect.

Will not miss the S Pen, the stylus that Samsung popularized in its Note series and that has also reached the folding or the most powerful version of its regular line. As in this year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, it will be an optional accessory that will have to be stored outside and will have new capabilities such as simultaneous note-taking when making a video call.

The rear camera will not be as advanced as the one we have seen in the Galaxy S21, but it is logical by size and design, and we see three sensors and without the advanced ‘contour’ design that joins its frame with the chassis.

For the rest, a flexible internal screen with a size in the 7.6-inch environments and the most powerful chipset from Qualcomm and Samsung itself with the Exynos is expected for this Galaxy Z Fold3.

Galaxy Z Flip3

Images of the other Samsung folding have also been leaked. Smaller and with the series shell type design. Samsung will offer a new style with a two-tone design and a wide color gamut.

The leaked images show that the external display will be somewhat larger, but it will not yet dominate the entire exterior of the device. The resistance and robustness will also be reinforced with that new ‘armor’ with Gorilla Glass Victus technology.

There is no official information, but rumors point to the July as the date of presentation of the new folding smartphones of Samsung. Regarding prices, Samsung announced in the launch of previous versions that “I was committed to making folding devices more accessible to everyone”.

In addition to lowering the price of the two devices already on the market, another way to increase sales would be to “expand the portfolio of folding products,” as the company’s communication director explained. This leaves the way open to an increase in the catalog that could approach the mid-range with completely new series or using the current ones, reducing performance. We are likely to see more devices with these types of designs in 2021.

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