Filming begins on 1899, the new mystery series from the creators of Dark

Filming begins on 1899, the new mystery series from the creators of Dark

With three seasons behind him, Dark managed to become one of Netflix’s most popular original productions. The German mystery series set the bar high for its creators, who we already know are preparing a new series for the streaming platform: 1899.

Filming 1899 has started today, as announced by Netflix and DARK WAYS, the new production company of Jantse Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creatives behind Dark. His new production is being shot in Balbsberg Studios, Berlin, with an avant-garde LED Volume system with a custom built set. This is the largest LED technology studio in Europe, with a technology that allows shooting planes with very complex visual effects with virtual sets and locations.

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“The collaboration with Netflix has enabled us to make our vision of 1899 come true. Thanks to their early support and commitment, we were able to build the Volume, making 1899 a pioneering title for Germany and the entire region,” explained Baran bo Odar. “This new infrastructure is completely innovative and state-of-the-art for the German production landscape and could bring enormous creative benefit to content creators and filmmakers around the world.”

1899 will feature eight episodes of one hour each, and focuses on the journey of a ship of immigrants traveling from Europe to America. The characters are of different origins and nationalities but share the dream of a better life. The journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover another ship adrift on the high seas, turning the journey into a nightmare connecting all the passengers through a complicated web of secrets.

The cast of this new Netflix mystery series is very international, with the aim that 1899 becomes a multilingual production in which each character will speak in their own mother tongue.

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