Elden Ring May Not Release Before March 2022: Kadokawa Hints At Delay In Financial Summary

Elden Ring May Not Release Before March 2022: Kadokawa Hints At Delay In Financial Summary

It’s been a long time since Elden Ring Unveiled as the Next Game by Hidetaka Miyazaki, From Software and Bandai Namco and since that revelation, we have been able to learn little about his mysterious proposal. However, some relevant data have taken place in recent weeks.

Elden Ring was the protagonist of a series of leaks that, to top it all, would have delayed its announcement considerably. To all this and to the new leaked clip, a new financial bulletin has been added that seems to indicate that there is still time to enjoy Elden Ring. The title would not arrive until the next financial year. That is, at least until April 2022.

In a new financial report from Kadokawa, parent company of From Software, shared some of its purposes. The company expects to launch games next fiscal year, which would begin on April 1, 2022.. Of course, among those projects, the most prominent is Elden Ring. Therefore, unless there is a major change, it seems that there is still to see this title.

Nor is it a surprise that the Elden Ring will not see the light, predictably, until next year. While it has been speculated that the game could arrive in 2021, this only comes from rumors that do not seem to take into account the more than possible development problems that the Covid-19 pandemic may have generated.

The Elden Ring delay would have been a consequence, the same as many other projects have suffered throughout the past 2020 and the present 2021. Of course, the expectation around this game remains very vivid and the E3 2021 It is once again one of the dates in which fans expect the game to present more material.

Do you think we will see Elden Ring one day? The last thing we got to know was the official release of new and revealing concept arts pertaining to his announcement at E3 2019.

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