Born of Bread, an adventure for PC inspired by Paper Mario, publishes its demo

Born of Bread, an adventure for PC inspired by Paper Mario, publishes its demo

Wild arts studio has released a demo of the game they are developing for PC: Born of Bread, a title very inspired by Paper Mario. The game is a 2.5D adventure title in which players will be able to do cooperative teams with very colorful characters; Of course, what I have seen so far is very convincing.

Players will be able to explore different regions of a wonderful and colorful world, but at the same time full of mysteries. In addition, during the adventures of the game you will have to face enemies and tough guys, we leave you here with the official trailer of the demo shown by indie studio.

“ANDFace off against enemies in a fun, turn-based combat system inspired by Paper Mario. To make a correct attack, press the button correctly and make sure you know the enemy’s weaknesses. Skip his turn when defending yourself and, if you do it well, recover Will Points, an essential attribute for making attacks“.

If you were interested, or now it has caught your attention, enter this link to access the demo and download it. “The most unlikely hero of all, a golem born of bread, finds himself immersed with new friends in the middle of a dramatic situation that has been going on for thousands of years. Together, they will visit incredible sites and meet fascinating characters“.

For now, and as confirmed, the game is still in development and they don’t have a clear release date that they can give. Of course, they invite you to follow the Official Twitter to stay on top of progress.

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¿You will play some games to Born of Bread?

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