Black Sails creator to co-write Percy Jackson series

Black Sails creator to co-write Percy Jackson series

One of the consequences of the pandemic for the film industry has been the new importance of streaming services. From Disney in particular they have realized how well the premieres of their original content on Disney +, and continues to increase its catalog of series.

Specifically, a few months ago the production of a series based on the acclaimed youth fantasy novels about Percy Jackson was announced. Although the saga began to be adapted to the big screen years ago, this time the series is expected to be more faithful to the original material, since the author Rick riordan has confirmed to be very involved in the production.

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It is already known that the series will have a budget similar to The Mandalorian, and Riordan would already have the script for the pilot chapter ready. Production continues to advance and a new co-writer has also been signed for the project: Jonathan E. Steinberg, the co-creator of Black sails, the Starz series that served as a prequel to The island of the treasure. As revealed to Discussing Film, Steinberg will not only participate as a screenwriter but will also serve as an executive producer.

In addition to continuing to move forward with the script for the series, Riordan has revealed that he has begun the casting process to find Percy jackson, the son of Poseidon and protagonist of the series of novels. According to Riordan, they are looking for an actor who can look 12 years old, since the idea is that the character grows throughout the five seasons of the series. Riordan also specified that the process has not been closed to a specific ethnicity and added that “We are looking for the best person to embody the character we know and love through books.”

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