Apple Watch will include a blood glucose monitor next year

Apple Watch incluirá un monitor de glucosa en sangre el próximo año 28

Smartwatches are getting smarter, offering us today not only a secondary device for our mobiles, but a true complement to our lives. And is that devices like the Apple watch are increasingly choosing to expand their already extensive fitness and health tracking meters, to be joined soon the long-awaited blood glucose monitor.

This information comes to us through the British medium Telegraph, who would have detected the recent documents of Rockley Photonics presentation, an English company that is working on a technology that detects blood sugar levels using infrared light, before the SEC (United States Security and Exchange Commission). Documents that also reveal that the two companies have a supply and development agreement, auguring a strong commitment by the Cupertino company, which would currently encompass most of Rockley’s earnings and its products related to this new technology. .

Thus, this method could help reduce having to go through the not-so-pleasant current method of measurement, which goes through a prick and subsequent blood draw for testing, offering an equally valid and fast system. While some details about its full functioning are still to be known, this glucose measurement it would be carried out using optical sensors, allowing an approximate and constant reading of sugar levels.

However, although the Apple Watch will offer help to control these sugar levels, nor will they completely replace the use of glucometers. And it is that as it is currently the case with blood pressure measurement functions, a calibration will continue to be necessary, from time to time, using the data and measurements of a dedicated device.

However, it is not surprising that Apple has opted for such a relaxed date in time, noting that current rumors place Samsung at the head of the race, pointing to a first incorporation of this blood glucose monitoring system in your next Galaxy Watch, which could be featured earlier this summer.

Even so, the last and most important procedure for both devices is still pending: receive the necessary approval for the implantation of the blood glucose meter in their smart consumer watches. And it is that unfortunately, even after having prepared the technology, these sensors must pass the tests and standards of the health organizations of Europe, a barrier that today continues to delay some of the latest functions of these watches such as the electrocardiogram. .

Something that could end up hurting the launch of this new Apple Watch in a greater way, after opting for a company located in the United Kingdom, just after its departure from the conglomerate of nations.

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