Anthony Mackie’s children did not recognize him in the ending of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie's children did not recognize him in the ending of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

As anticipated, an important part of the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier has orbited around Steve Rogers’ legacy and the title of Captain America. Not only that, but the last installment of the series of Disney + has meant some important changes for its protagonists, and even for the configuration of heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Watch out, there are spoilers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier starting here!

One of the recurring questions the series was expected to answer is who the next Captain America was going to be. Finally, and following the current trail in the comics, Sam wilson he has become the new Cap, keeping his wings and adding the shield that comes with the name. Not only that, but apart from the new name, Sam also debuted a new suit and an appearance so different that neither the children of Anthony Mackie they recognized him at first.

“They were looking at the screen and they started … Dad, this guy is nailed to you! And I said ‘I know’. And the five-year-old tells me … He sounds like you too! They don’t understand that I can be on TV and on the couch at the same time, “Mackie explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “And then the little one says ‘You know dad … you can be Captain America too!’ So I told him … Thanks, kid, I appreciate the sentiment.”

Although some fans expected Bucky Barnes to be the heir to the title, the decision to pass the shield to Sam in the MCU has generally been well accepted by fans, also allowing Bucky to start a different path with his own redemption. Of course, the series ended with a poster that ventured that we would see the two characters together again, although we still do not know if it will be in a second season of the series or in the new Captain America movie already announced.

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