A Returnal contest on PlayStation Poland invites you to recreate Selene’s helmet and the proposals are most “curious”

A Returnal contest on PlayStation Poland invites you to recreate Selene's helmet and the proposals are most "curious"

PS5 has received one of its first big exclusives for this 2021. Returnal, Housemarque’s debut with Sony’s next-generation console, has already been released and has done so with a very positive reception.

As a promotional measure for the game, PlayStation Poland has organized a contest in which you can win a copy of Returnal, but you have to work out the prize. The company invites fans to recreate the space helmet worn by the protagonist, Selene, with the intention of incentivizing the cosplay skills of the players.

Of course, the response from the fans has been absolutely epic and it is that many of the costumes they have used have achieved a really “curious” effect, to call it somehow. To reproduce the special clothing, all kinds of homemade materials have been thrown, ranging from pot lids to adhesive tape.

Of course, the vast majority of designs are completely hilarious and weird. There is even a cat as the protagonist with the case for storing CDs. However, low-budget designs have not been the only ones that Polish fans have wanted to “work out” and we can also find some much more elaborate. We leave you with a gallery with some of the best.

What are your favorites? If you don’t want to miss the latest news, know that Returnal is already undergoing review bombing on Metacritic. In addition, Housemarque “is listening to the community” with the request of a save option to leave the game halfway.

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