Like every fourth of May, the star wars day, because of that “May the Fourth“Sounds like” May the force [be with you]”Or what is the same” that the force [te acompañe]”. The official Star Wars Twitter account has already shared the poster they have designed to celebrate the 4 of major of this year, but it seems that the fans did not like it at all.

The image contains a lot of characters and vehicles from the series and films of the saga both from the light side and the dark side. Although there is a special focus on the original trilogy with Luke Skywalker Y Darth vader in the foreground, he also doesn’t forget to include some icons from the sequels to complete the picture.

However, there are a couple of obvious absences: nothing from The Mandalorian and nothing from the new trilogy. In addition, despite including many characters, they also forget many others, such as Padme Amidala or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Here you can see what the image he shared is like @StarWars in networks, announcing with it the offers in games that will be launched to accompany the celebration:

It is true that it is difficult to cover a galaxy as large as that of Star wars in a single image, but at the same time not doing so seems to contradict the efforts of Disney for continuing to expand and unify the universe of George Lucas since i bought Lucasfilm in 2012.

For their part, some fans have found other images that are more compensated, including some of the absences that we mentioned before, giving the same space to all the trilogies and the characters that appear in them, and even incorporating Rogue One:

Others create their own versions in which they directly incorporate the Mandalorian already Face dune:

Whether or not the characters you like the most are there, we wish you a happy star wars day!