There are three types of monitors, the standard ones, the ones we call gaming, and the ones that are really designed to enjoy games to the fullest. It is the case of this curved Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor. When curved is the least important thing on a monitor, it is because it is really good. They are no less than 49 inches in an ultra-wide format perfect to play with a wonderful gaming experience.

The ultra-wide screen Those of us who have to work with several pages open simultaneously, or with documents, like a lot. But the truth is that they are also great to play, because they offer us a visual perspective that is impossible otherwise. East brutal Samsung monitor is perfect in practically all its features. And although it is not cheap, the price you pay for it is justified in the quality of play that you are going to have. Right now you can buy it for 1,270 euros on Amazon.

Get the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor at the best price

The curved screen on an ultra-wide 49-inch display helps make the gaming experience totally immersive, from a literal point of view, because we will have to turn our heads slightly to see the ends of the screen, something great when what we are looking for is to enjoy the game. You just have to imagine exploring an unknown planet in No Man’s Sky, or in the cockpit of a car in Forza.

The screen resolution is 5,120 x 1,440 pixels, and before you start to think that it does not get to be 4K, keep in mind that the proportion of this screen is not standard, but it is 32: 9, and that you have to put the use of this monitor in context. You can’t get too close because you need enough angle to be able to see much of the screen, this makes the required pixel density less relevant.

And you also have to bear in mind that the refresh rate of this screen is 240 Hz. The gaming experience couldn’t be smoother. It will be simply spectacular, and the most negative aspect of all is that you will never again be able to play on a standard screen or simply on a 144 Hz screen that we already consider to be of good quality, because for you it will seem too slow. This, coupled with the 1ms response time, makes the screen a brutal purchase for those who want the best quality for gaming. To move all this you need a powerful machine, of course. Hence DQHD resolution be logical, before 4K.

The price of this screen 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 ultrawide It is 1,270 euros. It is expensive, but not expensive, because what it offers you is a completely unique way of playing. And if in addition to that you have to work with multiple windows, you have the perfect excuse to tell others that it helps you improve your productivity.